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Errata: the seals in photos on page 20 and page 216 are Weddell seals and not crabeater seals.



SOUTHERN LIGHT: Images from Antarctica
By David Neilson

This collection of striking images from Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic is the result of six journeys made to these southernmost lands by Australian photographer David Neilson. The areas covered include the Antarctic Peninsula, East Antarctica, the Ross Sea, South Georgia and Macquarie Island. These outstanding landscape and wildlife photographs are reproduced in both colour and black and white and reveal a part of the grandeur and mystery of this great southern realm.

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Hardback, 305 mm x 295 mm, 306 pages. 130 colour photos, 100 black and white photos reproduced in duotone, 7 gatefold panoramas 875 mm x 270 mm, 20,000 word text, 5 maps. Published 2012. ISBN: see below.


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"Southern Light is a blast of beauty….David Neilson…. spreads before us myriad majestic peaks and icy plains in images that seem lit from within. One of several gatefold panoramas shows a colony of 20,000 king penguins, stretching as far as the lens can see…. Neilson’s animal close-ups are latter-day Audubons – exquisitely observed portraits brimming with character…. he revels in the glorious abundance of his subject. His camera celebrates life, unexpected eruptions of it in hues we don’t associate with these latitudes – pinks, lavenders, emeralds, the sage green of Macquarie Island cabbage and the orange glow of certain lichens…. Southern Light is a love letter in the form of a coffee-table book."
Rebecca P. Sinkler, The New York Times Book Review

"This is Antarctica as you have never seen it.....This is a truly great photographic record of the continent. It offers images that are deeply personal and far beyond the usual photographic cliches."
Bruce Elder, The Sydney Morning Herald

"This is a truly magnificent book on every level. Firstly it's imposing in its dimensions – a large format, hard covers and over 300 pages – and the standard of reproduction is exemplary. Secondly, from the cover photograph onwards, David Neilson's photography drags you in and then steadfastly refuses to let you go.... Southern Light is proof that the printed book really can't be challenged as an effective vehicle for displaying exceptional photography."
Paul Burrows, ProPhoto Magazine

"This gorgeous coffee-table book contains 130 color photos as well as more than 90 stunning black-and-white photos....Anyone with an interest in wildlife photography in general and in Antarctica specifically will enjoy this large-format book, as Neilson and fellow photographer Karen Alexander capture the essence of Antarctica, from the various varieties of penguins to seals to humpback whales to snow-covered peaks to icebergs. Especially poignant are the relics left behind by the great explorers: Robert Scott's hut built in 1910 for his Terra Nova expedition, for example, or Ernest Shackleton's Endurance expedition campsite."
June Sawyers, Chicago Tribune

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